Features that makes us better then others

Sales Employee Tracking App

This app has following features which make it better

  • Individual login for each salesman, Zonal Sales Manager (ZSM) hierarchy
  • Attendance in and out with GPS location tracking with map.
  • Live Employee Location – Know EXACT location of your staff in Google Maps during office hours. Field staff real time tracking.
  • Time Specific Tracking – Track ONLY during specific pre defined timings.
  • Monthly schedule plan.
  • Parties meeting and submitting collection daily basis.
  • Parties wise order placing, order detail instant emails to distributors, party and admin.
  • Monthly reporting with day wise collection, orders and GPS map.
  • ZSM reporting, ZSM can view reports of under staffs.

Employee tracking App makes easy for companies in India or world wide to manage its marketing staff by proper attendance, salary, orders, collections and daily/ weekly/ monthly reports.

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