How You can Become A Smart Manager ?

MongerTrack - sales employee tracking app

Don’t you think, being a manager you need to focus on some procedures that help to reinforce the efficiency of sales employee staff?

Since a more efficient sales employees ensures more productivity hence, the necessary efforts must be put into the direction of employee development.

Revamping salespeople efficiency is not piece of cake. In order to make it possible a manager should take creative steps.

But the question is how! Technological advancements play a significant role in business model optimization.

And, nowadays sales employee location tracking application is most pronounced term among successful market leaders.

This software solution is being used by managers today for streaming in the business benefits.

MongerTrack : Sales Employee Tracking and Reporting App

MongerTrack is a real time employee location tracking app that helps managers to track and locate their on field employees in real time.

With the help of real time tracking, the employee workplace engagement can be increased up to a certain level.

All business related field activities can be seen on the manager dashboard and also, in the case when the manager finds a new task, he promptly assigns it to the sales executive available nearest to the client location.

This is how the business activities remain tuned with all existing and upcoming requirements, and consequently contribute to revenue share.

  • Individual login for each salesman, Zonal Sales Manager (ZSM) hierarchy
  • Attendance in and out with GPS location tracking with map.
  • Live Employee Location – Know EXACT location of your staff in Google Maps during office hours. Field staff real time tracking.
  • Time Specific Tracking – Track ONLY during specific predefined timings.
  • Monthly schedule plan.
  • Parties meeting and submitting collection daily basis.
  • Parties wise order placing, order detail instant emails to distributors, party and admin.
  • Monthly reporting with day wise collection, orders and GPS map.
  • ZSM reporting, ZSM can view reports of under staffs.

This application helps managers work smartly and keep all details on their finger tip.

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